I'm Reading

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." –Frederick Douglas

All of the books listed here are either books I have personally read or plan to read. Reading regularly is just as important as eating healthy, working out, and maintaining balance. Many of these books have helped me on my own journey and countless others who’ve sought inspiration, insight and freedom. I  thank you in advance for buying through these links. 


This week, I am reading "The Happiness Project."  Please purchase the book and head over to my IG to leave your comments and thoughts. Here is the summary: Rubin is not an unhappy woman: she has a loving husband, two great kids and a writing career in New York City. Still, she could-and, arguably, should-be happier. Thus, her methodical (and bizarre) happiness project: spend one year achieving careful, measurable goals in different areas of life (marriage, work, parenting, self-fulfillment) and build on them cumulatively, using concrete steps (such as, in January, going to bed earlier, exercising better, getting organized, and "acting more energetic"). By December, she's striving bemusedly to keep increasing happiness in every aspect of her life. The outcome is good, not perfect (in accordance with one of her "Secrets of Adulthood": "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"), but Rubin's funny, perceptive account is both inspirational and forgiving, and sprinkled with just enough wise tips, concrete advice and timely research (including all those other recent books on happiness) to qualify as self-help. Defying self-help expectations, however, Rubin writes with keen senses of self and narrative, balancing the personal and the universal with a light touch. Rubin's project makes curiously compulsive reading, which is enough to make any reader happy.

Selected Books