Dr. Kristian H has partnered with Gundalow Juice to bring amazing fresh pressed juices to your front door.

Amazing Taste. Great Ingredients. Convenient Nutrition.

Eat like you love yourself is one of my personal mantras.

  I had plenty of bad eating habits – think fast food and diet sodas. I personally struggled with finding an easy way to get the amount of fruit and vegetables that I needed in my diet. Until I found Gundalow Juice! Gundalow juices are only made with fruits and vegetables; there are no added sugars, preservatives or caffeine.

Gundalow is a Baltimore-based company that brings you delicious cold-pressed juices. We believe in fueling your ambitions and therefore, we are devoted to bringing you delicious, convenient and nutritious juice.

We source the highest-quality ingredients to make the freshest juices that don’t compromise taste for nutrition. Just like the beautiful Gundalow, we deliver incredible nutrition to all of your body that came from bountiful and beautiful produce.