Thank You for Your Support

This has been an incredibly difficult time, but we are grateful for your thoughts, concerns, and acts of kindness. We know Kristian has cultivated a dynamic community of people and we wanted to offer this space for you to contribute prayers, words of encouragement, and your light. She is a fighter. And we have faith.

Currently, Kristian is not taking any visitors. Your prayers, contributions, and support for BLK + GRN are more than enough at this time. Thank you so much for your support.

Please leave your comments below.

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From the Henderson's

This untimely and unfortunate event has shaken and reverberated our family to the core. It has always been the four of us, and Krisitan was very evidently the glue that held all of us together. Krisitan was born a very special child, from a young age it became clear that Krisitan would carve out a destiny for herself that the world would have no choice but to accommodate. 

Anyone who knows our daughter knows what a beautiful soul she is. It’s incredibly difficult to see Krisitan in a state of inaction -- when anyone who knows her knows that she is constantly on the move. Moving from one project to the next in the time it would take one person to accomplish just one. Before the accident Krisitan married her husband Jason Edwards this past October and started a family with the birth of August Tylear Edwards this March. They were scheduled to move into their new home just one week after the accident. While at the same time her business BLK + GRN was beginning to receive national acclaim as she just won the Refinery 29 Pitch Competition. The world was in the palm of her hands, accomplishing more before 35 than many are able to achieve in a lifetime. 

We believe during this time of recovery, this is God’s way of giving her a long needed rest. While she heals and recovers we are sure Kristian is going to emerge from this experience empowered with a testimony that will be the catalyst for the elevation of her influence, platform, and light for the world to see. 

We have felt the prayers coming from all over the region and the nation. It’s very clear and evident to see how Kristian’s light impacts each and every person she meets. Rest assured, this light of hers has not dimmed, but instead during this time of revival, it will shine even brighter and more widely than ever before. 

-The Henderson Family