5 Foolproof Ways to Eat Healthy in Your College Cafeteria


My little brother, who is a senior in college, stayed with me this past summer. I was doing all of the grocery shopping and cooking, so unless he ate out, he was eating my healthy clean food. Although I didn’t cook as much as he would have liked, he quickly became accustomed to my clean meals – his favorite breakfast was collard greens with a fried egg and sliced tomatoes and he loved my zoodles with turkey meatballs. After two months, he was packing up and heading back to school, leaving me and my zoodles behind. After a few weeks on campus, he called me complaining about his diet. He felt so much better when he was eating healthy, but he had no plans of cooking, despite the fully functional kitchen in his apartment. I wanted to be able to help him make healthy choices in college, so here are my 5 foolproof ways to eat healthy, even in the cafeteria!

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P.S. This is my first guest blog! I am super excited! Go and check out the Young Hopefuls's blog to see the full post! :-)