No Such Thing as Perfect

"Being defeated is only a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent." –Marilyn vos Savant

So I had a really bad weekend... Let me stop lying, I had a bad week. I only worked out twice, I had a dessert every single day, and I didn't cook not one time all week. That means I was eating tons of takeout and I didn't even have the nerve to try to burn it off at the gym. There are 100's of reasons why you might fall off the bandwagon - busy, tired, emotional, bad day, crazy sweet tooth, or in my case, the start of my period. Now the awful part about falling off the bandwagon, is one mistake can sometimes lead to another mistake.


So this is how it goes... I decide to eat a brownie after work, now I am too full to go to the gym. Because I ate dairy the night before, the next morning I am bloated and don't want breakfast. By lunch I am starving, and I want to eat whatever I can get my hands on, so I eat something that is totally not clean. Now I am feeling super full and do not want to work out. Because I have been eating bad and not working out, my energy levels drop and my face starts to break-out... And the spiral continues. Now, to be honest, I do feel a bit of guilt, even though logically I know that one bad week will not make 30 pounds reappear. But I do not want one week to turn into one month, so I need to reboot. If you have found yourself in the same boat, here are my four tips to reboot:

I. Goodbye Sugar

This is going to be a killer, and I am going to be moody for at least the first 7 days, but I have to cut out all the refined sugar. Now, for starters, you will be surprised of all of the places sugar hides. You expect sugar in sweets - pies, cakes, brownies, cookies, donuts, etc - but sugar is also found in most processed food, flavored yogurts, breads, and even frozen fruit. And alot of times, you may not even realize it is sugar, because there are over 56 names for sugar. Here is a partial list: brown sugar, cane crystals, cane sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, crystal dextrose, evaporated cane juice, fructose sweetener, fruit juice concentrates, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, liquid fructose, malt syrup, maple syrup, molasses, pancake syrup, raw sugar,  and syrup. AVOID THEM ALL!!! I will write a series of posts soon on why sugar is the devil, but until then, take my word for it. Nothing good ever came of sugar.

II. Goodbye Diary 

Dairy makes me gassy, bloated, and my face breaks-out. Dairy doesn't make me feel good and my body doesn't like it, and that is enough reason for me to cut it out.

III. Hello Water

I usually drink around 80oz of water each day. But when I am trying to reboot, I almost double my water intake. My goal is a gallon each day (128 oz). That is an equivalent of 16 glasses of water. I will have my 32oz Nalgene water bottle with me at all times. I will drink one in the morning, 2 at work, and one before I go to bed. This is a great way to detox all of the crap I have been eating for the last week out of my body. The bathroom at work will be my best friend, and Lord knows I hate public restrooms. The things we do for health.

IV. Hello Gym

I need to get addicted to working out again. I will work out every day, but I won't necessarily be in the gym. I like to mix it up. Here is my workout agenda for the next three weeks:

Monday: Gym - 15 minute cardio and 45 minute legs/abs Tuesday: Adult Ballet Class Wednesday: Gym - 15 minute cardio and 45 minute back/shoulders/abs Thursday:Barre Fitness Friday: Pole Fitness Saturday: Boot Camp or Gym (15 minute cardio and 45 minute arms/abs) Sunday: Yoga

Please join me on my reboot! I could use some motivation and accountability. Think of this as a 21-day reboot challenge. And a confession, I ate a brownie last night in preparation of giving up sugar... Yeah I know, I have a problem.